Mercedes Benz iPhone X Black Carbon Belt Case




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Brand: Mercedes

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It is made of carbon and silicone material. Our cover has a non-slip structure. Carbon and mercedes-arched logo is used in the exterior design to provide excellent grip. The inner part of the case is designed to prevent scratches while inserting and removing the device. Manufactured using real carbon. It is a licensed Mercedes Benz product.

It is designed to protect your device from roughing. Provides resistance against scratches while protecting against falls. The structure of your device's keys is not only protective, but also removes the feeling of being pressed when the button is pressed. The design of the camera housing is molded to prevent flash and shadows.

featured features
Real carbon material
Slim and stylish design
Shock absorber
Long service life
Genuine Mercedes Benz Licensed


Best Quality

Best Quality i have ever see

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Mercedes Benz iPhone X Black Carbon Leather Case

Mercedes Benz iPhone X Black Carbon Leather Case

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