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Carbon Cover - Audi Lighted Logo S

Let Them Know you for everywhere…

Please Check the Specifications for Compatible Cars


This impressive product is the difference that will call everyone’s attention while you entering any environment. In the world, this quality product, you can find it only in KSG tuning.

• High fluidity and hardness of  raw material  LG ABS HI121H are used.

• 50 micron surface.

• Resistant to the sun and poor weather conditions.

• 0603 High quality, durable led lamp 50,000 hours.

• 176-line, multi-point resistant LED lamp.

• A very special wooden box.

• 1 year replacement warranty. 



KSG tuning is the only manufacturer of this product. Thanks to many partnerships you can find our products in different internet pages. KSG tuning reserves all rights on changes and edition of its products.

Compatible Cars
A1 All Type
A3 ( 2002 / Present )
A4 ( 1999 / Present )
A5 ( 2007 / Present )
A6 ( 2001 / 2011 )
A8 ( 2002 / 2012 )
S3 ( 2010 / Present )
S4 ( 2006 / Present )
S5 ( 2007 / Present )
RS3 ( 2010 / 2012 )
RS4 ( 2000 / Present )
RS5 ( 2010 / Present )

Light very bright.

Very easy to install, I used a clear silicone to fill in the very small gaps. Looks pretty cool. Light is ridiculously bright. It lights up during the day, you can see it during day as well. I connected to my running lights, so it lights up whenever driving. It is the grey and black wire number 10 for the running lights. Use a splice connector to be safe! Run additional wire using connectors, wires are thin so use pliers and squeeze very hard to where the connectors are completely flat and tight. I had to reconnect, lost light, because I got lazy with it. Anyone who says this doesn't look good, will also tell you that he would take a fat 5th grade teacher over a Maxum model. I ain't buying that BS! I look forward to driving this sexy beast everyday!!!

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